United Airlines Boeing 777-200 International-2 (XP)
Configured with four classes of service. Primarily used in West coast to Asia and occassional Europe routes. Individual suites in first, and in-seat video in every seat. The widest seats in every class on UA, along with the 777 XC/XI, this is the best UA plane for long haul flights.
Cabin # Seats Pitch Width
First Class: 10 78"/198cm 21.5"/55cm
Business Class: 45 55"/140cm 20.5"/52cm
Economy Plus: 85 35"/89cm 18"/46cm
Economy Class: 114 31-32"/79-81cm 18"/46cm
Seat map Legends

O - Good seat

O - Beware

O - Bad seat

L - Lavatory

G - Galley

C - Closet

X - Baby bassinet

. - Power port

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