Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800 Mid-lavatory with 20 F seats.

The mid-size Boeing narrow-body is usually used on longer domestic routes. With 20 first class seats, upgrade chances are usually pretty good on this plane, except on Newark to San Francisco, where there is a high demand for revenue F seats.

The newer version of the IFE hardware takes significantly less space, allow two more first class seats to be added for a total of 20. Seats 1A and 1B in the space previously used for the IFE closet. Note that 1B has extra toe room since there is a rectangular cutout in front of 1B only. This cutout is about 20 inches wide, eight inches high and about 4-5 inches deep. There is not a similar cutout for 1A.

Also note that there is a missing window at 8A, and the wall is flat, thereby taking away 2-3 inches of shoulder and elbow room. This gives 8A a very claustrophobic feel, probably a seat you want to avoid, 8F on the other side is a standard seat with normal window.

No Powerports for personal computers are installed, headphones are $5 each in economy class.

Cabin # Seats Pitch Width
First Class: 20 with 7.5 inches of recline 38 21
Economy Class: 132 with 5 inches of recline 31 17.2
Seat map Legends

O - Good seat

O - Beware

O - Bad seat

L - Lavatory

G - Galley

C - Closet

X - Baby bassinet

V - Video Monitor

. - Power port

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